Here you can find presentations and documents from the seminar:

Migration and its effects youth in Georgia by Kartlosi

EVS presentation by EVS volunteers in Azerbaijan – Mr. Moritz Matern (Germany), Ms. Paula Blomers (Germany), Mr. Marko Birkic    (Croatia), Ms. Hanna Rajala (Finland)

Youth in Action & Erasmus+ presentation by  Mr. Parviz Bagirov – Head of European Commission National Tempus Office in Azerbaijan , Mr. Hamid Gasimov –  Multiplayer of SALTO EU EECA, Mr. Elvin Aslanov – Multiplayer of SALTO EU EECA

Presentation of Europäische Bildungsakademie, Germany: EBA Berlin

The presentation of Azerbaijani Youth Foundation: AYF

Presentation of Bildung und Integration, Germany: BINT Berlin

Presentation of Gecko Arts and Media: Gecko A&M

Presentation of Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi, Georgia: KARTLOSI


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